Faites à la main à Florence, nos chaussures ont su allier un savoir faire de plus de 50 ans avec des matiéres premiéres d'exceptions.  

Vous essayez un modéle, choisisez le style, la patine, la semelle et le montage (cousu black au Dynamic Norway) Plus de 180 étapes sont nécessaires à sa fabrication.

The quality of materials, excellent leathers sapiently treated in every detail. Completely manually stitchings.

The craftsmanship combined with the full taste of the most authentic Made in Italy, are the real and unique culture of family Borgioli.

A heritage that is realized in the process that leads from cutting to final package with at least 100 hands that subjects our shoes at an average of 180 steps. 

Norway construction, hand finishing and exclusive workmanship such as Dynamic Norway or specific solutions such as the mini collections Drive&City and Rock&City distinguish the construction process of the company together with the quality of workmanships and fitting.

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